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SMART groups

Mon 1-2pm; Weds 5-7pm; Thurs 1-2pm

Drinking too much?

Struggling with Cravings?

Wanting to get further in your recovery journey?

Wanting to take control of your drug or alcohol use and don't know where to start?

SMART groups are peer support groups delivered by Drug Concern using motivational, behavioural and cognitive techniques for recovery. 

Groups are free and confidential and run Monday afternoons between 1300 - 1400 (excluding bank holidays) and Wednesday evenings between 1700 - 1800 (excluding bank holidays).

Groups run from the Drug Concern offices with the exception of the Thursday group which runs from  room 3 Trinity Church. No need to apply just turn up. If you want to know more you can call us on 729000 or find out more from and