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Frequently Asked Questions

REACH Programme (Peer Support for Families Affected by Substance use)

How confidential is the programme?

Drug Concern complies with the Guernsey Data Protection Bailiwick of Guernsey Law 2017 and so all information received during the application process complies with this law.

In addition to implementing a confidentiality and information sharing policy for the programme participants are required to commit to keeping confidentiality within the group regarding the information discussed during the sessions. 

Why does the application form ask me about my own use of substances/medications/mental health?

Drug Concern has a duty of care to correctly assess participants suitability to join the programme. If you are experiencing acute mental health issues for example, it may not be the appropriate time for you to engage in a group programme.

How much does it cost to attend?

The programme is free to attend but incurs running costs. If participants wish to donate they may do so using our online donate option or by cheque payable to Drug Concern. 

How old do I need to be to join the group?

You need be 18 or over to join the group.

What would a typical session look like?

We deliver sessions in a structured but relaxed way. The two hour sessions have a coffee break midway and each session has a clearly defined topic which requires participants to discuss both as a group and to reflect upon individually. You are in control of what you share in the groups, even if you do not wish to say anything. However to get any benefit from the group you need to be prepared to contribute to the discussions.If you feel unable to talk at all in a group setting this will not be the programme for you. 


What happens once the programme has ended?

We can arrange a follow up group session if this is something the group agree is needed at the end of a programme. After this there are no planned group sessions. Participants can at their discretion choose to maintain contact with other group members as a means of support, but this is not part of Drug Concern services and therefore Drug Concern would accept no liability for these such contacts.


How frequently will programmes run?

Programme delivery will be largely dictated by need. We require a minimum of three participants to run a programme.


Do I get to find out who will be attending a group before it starts?

No, but upon application we will confirm any conflicts in relationships that may prevent you from attending a group.


What happens if I miss a session?

It is important that you attend all sessions, therefore if for any reason you miss a session we would ask you to join the next group. Sessions are planned in advance and we would ask you to organise your diary to accommodate full attendance.

Do you arrange transport or childcare etc?

Unfortunately our budget will not stretch this far. Drug Concern commits to to providing the sessions and refreshments only.